More Than a Dial Tone

Experience more than just a dial tone with our unified communication solutions, integrating VoIP service, video, and chat seamlessly. Bundle it with helpdesk software and a Sales CRM for a complete business communication package, enjoy unlimited calling, faxing and texting nationwide, backed by amazing service with 24/7 support.

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Freedom to Work From Anywhere

Embrace the freedom of working from anywhere with our top-rated iOS and Android mobile app. Our business VoIP phone services allow you to experience the convenience of our user-friendly desktop app, compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems. Send text messages effortlessly from your mobile device and simplify communication with one-click conference calling directly from your cell phone.

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Conference Calling

Enable limitless audio and video meetings, accompanied by messaging and screen-sharing capabilities. Our business phone service allows you to access a dedicated conference bridge for all yourneeds, ensuring seamless communication. Enjoy crystal-clear, high-definition audio devoid of any static interference.

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Bring Teams Together

Unify your teams effortlessly with our business phone software, fostering collaboration like never before. Establish dynamic groups for seamless communication through chat, video, and audio channels. Elevate your interactions with simplified chat, efficient screen sharing, and hassle-free file sharing. Schedule meetings effortlessly, delegate tasks with clear due dates, and maintain a comprehensive overview of your team's conversations and project progress. Transform your collaborative experience into an engaging and streamlined process.

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Reveal Insights

Gain insights from both past and live call data effortlessly. Track calls with VoIP phone services in real-time with the flexibility to generate custom reports and dashboards. Uncover valuable business trends by thoroughly analyzing call logs.

Simplify quality assurance with the seamless integration of call recording and rating functionalities. Elevate employee performance tracking by introducing gamification elements, making it not only informative but also engaging.

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Business Apps

Enhance your business phone service operations with a suite of powerful applications designed to streamline your processes and elevate customer engagement.  Manage your leads and opportunities seamlessly with a Sales CRM, while efficiently handling customer service requests through intuitive Helpdesk tools.

Automate routine tasks with Workflows, freeing up valuable time for more strategic activities. With Call Pop, stay informed about your customers the moment they reach out. Elevate the customer experience with sentiment analysis and comprehensive journey management, ensuring a more engaging and personalized interaction at every step.

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Phone service

Phone Service That Works The Way You Do

Our advanced features enhance your workflow by providing valuable insights before you answer calls.Know the purpose of incoming calls, enabling you to prepare and respond respectively.

Our  voice over IP phone service adapts to your work style, ensuring seamless and efficient communication. Experience a smarter way to connect, empowering you to stay ahead and make the most out of every interaction. Elevate your phone communication to a new level with features designed for productivity and convenience.

Fax Number

Get A New Fax Number or Use Your Existing Fax Number

Boost your faxing experience by acquiring a new fax number or seamlessly integrating your existing one withourcutting-edge Fax Solutions. Our system ensures that all incoming faxes are instantly delivered to your email in PDF format, accessible through our official portal and mobile app.

This innovative approach empowers you to conveniently read, share, and print faxes at your leisure, eliminating the need for ink, and paper, and saving you valuable time and money. With this solution, you'll never miss a fax again, ensuring efficient communication for your business.

business phone system services

Set Up Your Business Phone System In Minutes

Effortlessly establish your business phone system within minutes, eliminating the needs for prolonged installations. Experience the swift set of your VoIP phone service, enabling you to get started in record time.  Our user-friendly drag-and-drop Call Flow Builder adds an extra layer of convenience, enabling you to customize your phone system with ease. Say goodbye to waiting and hello to efficiency as you streamline your communication processes swiftly and intuitively.

What’s VoIP Phone Service?

VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, is a new-age phone system solution Unlike traditional PSTN systems relying on copper wires, VoIP harnesses your broadband connection for seamless call management. Initiate this modern communication era effortlessly with just a high-speed internet connection, a VoIP-enabled telephone, and a reputable VoIP service provider – that's all it takes to elevate your communication experience. Embrace efficiency and connectivity with VoIP, transforming the way you make and receive calls in a professional and engaging manner.

What is Business VoIP?

Business VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a modern phone system that utilizes internet connections instead of traditional phone lines, enabling efficient and cost-effective communication for businesses.

Types of VoIP

Businesses can choose from various VoIP options, including Hosted VoIP, Cloud Communications, and Wholesale VoIP, ensuring a tailored solution for every need. VoIP stands out for its scalability and flexibility, effortlessly adapting to your business's growth.

Our Voice Services  

  • Phone Numbers

    Whether you bring your existing number or opt for a new one, rest assured, Our VoIP service willbe operational within minutes.

  • Conferencing

    Each user extension includes its own conference feature, enabling you never have to second-guess a group call again.

  • Text Messaging (SMS)

    Messages sent to assigned extension numbers can be received and viewed in your account inbox. Forwarded messages will appear on your mobile phone just like standard SMS texts.

  • Talk/HD Voice

    With our VoIP services, Indulge in the pleasure of crystal-clear conversations with superior audio quality. Immerse yourself in the richness of high-quality communication and enjoy every nuance of the conversation.

  • User Extensions

    Empower each employee with a dedicated User Extension, allowing for personalized greetings, recordings, call routing, and more. Tailor the communication experience for every team member, ensuring a professional and customized touch in their interactions

  • Call Handling

    Empower each employee with a dedicated User Extension, allowing for personalized greetings, recordings, call routing, and more. Tailor the communication experience for every team member, ensuring a professional and customized touch in their interactions

  • Services

    Empower each employee with a dedicated User Extension, allowing for personalized greetings, recordings, call routing, and more. Tailor the communication experience for every team member, ensuring a professional and customized touch in their interactions

  • Administration

    Experience the convenience of our user-friendly web interface, allowing you and your team to effortlessly oversee and control your account from any location. Our business phone service ensures seamless management, enabling you and your employees with the flexibility to handle account-related tasks with ease.

  • Detailed Reporting

    View details of every call from start to finish. Have automated reports sent to your email as often as you would like.View every call detailed history. Our business VoIP phone services Sents you an automated report through which you can view details of every call from start to finish.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is VOIP, and how does it work?

VOIP, or Voice Over Internet Protocol, is a technology that allows voice communication over the internet. It works by converting analog audio signals into digital data packets, which are then transmitted over the internet to the recipient, where they are converted back into audio signals.

Can I keep my existing phone number when switching to VOIP?

Yes, in most cases, you can port your existing phone number to a VOIP service. This process may involve coordination between your current provider and the VOIP service provider, so it's essential to check the porting options offered by your chosen VOIP service.

Is VoIP phone services secure?

VOIP services can be secure if proper security measures are in place. Reputable VOIP providers implement encryption protocols to protect the confidentiality of your calls.

Can I use VOIP for international calls?

Yes, one of the advantages of VOIP is its ability to facilitate cost-effective international calls. Many VOIP providers offer international calling plans or charge lower rates for international calls compared to traditional phone services.

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